Week 29

I realized this week that thinking about tile work very legitimately raises my heart rate. I was at the dentist last week and the hygienist was like "hi yeah, you need to get this under control. you are 34. did you eat Chinese food last night? or are you under a lot of stress?". The answer is obvious stress.

These are all good things. It is such a blessing to have a project like this to work on. But - man alive, the details are nuts. I have to pick out EVERY LITTLE THING in this house. Trim color. Tile direction. Windowsill depth. But, tile is killing me a little bit more than other things. See, I can "easily" repaint a room. I cannot easily change tile. This sucker is staying on the ground for a long time. But, I feel like I'm getting closer. The goal is to be done with it this weekend.

Back in week 26, Contractor Jim made this list of things that he wanted me to figure out. Since we are three weeks from that date, felt like a good time for a checkin. Looking at this list makes me feel pretty good about overall progress.
1. Ceramic Tile
I’m 80% of the way done. Just need to think about the master bathroom.
2. Vanities
I think I've got the two vanities picked out. I'm a little less confident in the quality of the master bathroom one - but I love how everything is laid out - might pull the trigger.
3. Paint Colors
Had the paint consult appointment this week - and it was a breeze. Turns out I'm painting the entire house gray. I tried to add color in some of the bedrooms but I just couldn't do it.
4. Flooring
DONE-ish. It’s really going to be heart pine.
5. Light Fixtures
No idea. Literally none.
6. Landscaping
This got a little more complicated when I realized that I would need a railing of sorts for older people to get in the house. The landscaping part itself is pretty easy, the challenge is in the walkways and house entries.
7. Toilets
DONE-ish. I made this decision before I figured out faucets.
8. Fireplace Stone
DONE. I am going with a marble subway tile.

What happened this week:
painters were here in full force. all the trim and doors are getting painted.
met with a paint color consultant
picked out a front door color
called 4 companies to talk about the exterior (Mike Walsh, Kelleher, Joe Mullen, CJ McCarthy)
continued to badger the soda blasting guy about taking the job
feel like I have the two vanities picked out
obsessed over tile

What didn't happen this week:
one of the landscaping guys didn't show up to our meeting

What I'm thinking about:
thinking about switching the fridge to not have a water dispenser and then putting a dispenser at the sink
was pondering switching from a farm sink to a stainless, but changed my mind. staying with a farm sink

Needs to happen next week
finalize the kitchen
get a final game plan with Jim the contractor

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