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I've been to the tile store I think like 5 times now. I have rather legitimately changed my mind each time I went to the store. Fundamentally, the design is the "same" but I always come away with something slightly different. I'm an iterative person so this isn't super surprising to me but I really want to feel confident that I'm getting closer to the right path.

Tile Shopping History
1 - we wrote a bunch of stuff down and I can't even remember it. When I was there this past weekend, I said make sure you toss anything that is in my file out. It's dead to me.
2- some nice woman. We talked about the downstairs bathroom
3 - with my sister. Talked about the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs hall bathroom.
4- by myself. Tried to think about the master bathroom.
5 - most recent trip. Actually wrote up another order for everything but the master bathroom

Yesterday I pulled all the tile samples from the back of the car and hauled them into the house. Haul is a very accurate word because this stuff is heavy, big, and awkward. The porcelain slate tile is 4 feet tall - maybe more?  In general I feel pretty good with the overall design direction for each of the rooms, but it's the closing details that I'm wavering on real hard. I get a lot of clarity from actually writing these things out, so here we go:

1st floor bathroom / mudroom:
+ onboard with: darker slate on the floor, matte subway tile half walls and shower
+ concerned that:
  •  the tile is too dark, should it be more blue than black/gray
  • is the 12x24 pattern too boring? maybe
+ no concerns ... yet.
+ I haven't shared any of the designs or colors for this part of the house yet - but as of now I'm not freaking out about the backsplash

Fireplace Surrounds
+ Feeling pretty good about it.
+ Going with a marble subway tile shape that will be in a herringbone pattern on the hearth

2nd Floor Hall Bath
+ onboard with: (1) more traditional period appropriate tile on the floor (2) subway tile shower and (3) black penny inlay in the shower
+ concerned about:
  • too much grout with 1 inc hex
  • too much white
  • is it too much to do 2 inch hex as the main pattern with a 1 inch hex black border?
Master Bath
+ onboard with a basketweave on the floor, nothing special
+ concerned about:
  • tile shape for the shower (is 12x18 too big?)
  • I don't just want it to be a pile of tile
So what's next? Really locking these decisions down. Jim the contractor is on vacation this week and when he comes back I know he's going to ask about this. The good news is that I'm really not that far away. I just need to probably eat like 6 bags of Dunkin Donuts hashbrowns and make some decisions. 
Downstairs Bathroom / Mudroom
Floor tile shape / design
Floor tile switch to blue-black v black?
Hall Bathroom
Floor tile size / border design
Master Bathroom
Everything about the shower
Kitchen Backsplash
Fireplace Surround

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