sink drama

I've learned a few things over the course of this project but here are my two most recent learnings:
(1) I have nice taste. My nice taste consistently costs $600 more than the lower option.
(2) If I like something, it will be backordered just when we really need it.

The latest thing to be backordered is the kitchen sink. It feels oddly poetic since there are a million sink varieties out there but zero indication of quality for all but two - Kohler and Rohl. I never thought it would be a challenge to get my hands on a 30 inch white apron front sink. It feels like asking a grocery store if they have any bread. 

But, it turns out - all Kohler sinks are backordered for MONTHS. Depending on which website you look at you'll see 4-6 weeks or 14-16 weeks. Those people saying 4-6 weeks are liars. I honestly thought this was a joke. The kitchen sink is so flipping important. I need it in order for the cabinets to be installed. So, no sink means no cabinets which also means no appliances which means no living there. Which means, I need to find a white 30 inch sink of decent quality.
Here are the potential ways to resolve this serious issue:
(1) Buy the more expensive Rohl sink
(2) Buy a cheaper sink from a big box store.... and be concerned about quality
(3) Find this damn sink online

Option 3 has led me to a LOT of googling today and now I'm just getting straight trolled by the internet. It is now advertising the Kohler Whitehaven sink to me - which is just heartbreaking. Additionally, Wayfair has the sink ON SALE and backordered. 
Option 2 has also led to some extensive googling. I am the opposite of a sink expert but I've never heard of these brands before. There is no way that "Sinkology" is a legitimate brand. Props for being super direct with your naming but it does not inspire confidence. They do have a beautiful website which is nice for them.

Option 1. Going with the more expensive option.... I'm going to give myself 3 days to try and solve this problem before tossing more money at this dumb kitchen sink.

Long story short, I'm not sure where the black market for Kohler sinks is but I'm relatively determined to find it. And if you were wondering why all the sinks in America (or the world? I have no idea) are backordered it's because there was a big ole fire at the Kohler factory in Wisconsin. Like, I feel for you Kohler but I really want my life out of storage and the obstacle to that currently is a 30 inch white apron kitchen sink.

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