Project Update: Week 6

Welcome to the Week 6 recap.

It feels like a big week of change - but maybe not. When I stand on the lot, it feels like things are really happening. After months of talk about things hypothetically, we are actually seeing the fruition of our conversations and plans.

When we did the demo, it just felt like "wow, this place feels bigger".

When we framed out the second floor, it was like "shit, there will be rooms again".

But. Now, demo is in our past and we are taking those stripped down walls and framing out the new windows! Even, if the window is going right back where it used to be - there is something very fresh and exciting about seeing the sharp clean lines of the new framing. I literally smile like an idiot looking at them. Things are real.

On Friday, I visited the site during lunch and just stood in the middle of the downstairs taking it all in. I stood in front of the giant kitchen window and just couldn't believe it. It's probably double what you see traditionally - and I love it. It'll really open up the house to the backyard.

Things we talked about:

  • do I really love the small bedroom deck? yes. He said he figured it was coming back when I said "I think I love it"
  • placement of structural posts in the downstairs dining / kitchen area? Nothing we can do about it. I'm not buying a giant beam.
  • need to add some sort of "beam" situation to hide some pipes or something. I honestly can't remember - but we can make this absolutely less obvious by adding in more. Not quite a crawford ceiling, but maybe halfway there.
  • had to reconfigure the mudroom / pantry to accommodate for one of the structural post. Ended up adding in a small linen closet near the full bathroom and shifting the pantry. Might even move it all the way over to the kitchen.

Things that happened this week:

  • finished rebuilding the kitchen / dining room / mudroom floor
  • rebuilt the back wall due to rot
  • lifted the house up!
  • framed out the kitchen window / dining room windows / cut the back door
  • began to frame out the fireplace
  • re-added in the small bedroom deck

Things that I've got on my list:

  • shower valve // haven't done this yet. the store has inconvenient hours.
  • shingles // going with "Seacoast"
  • roof // something black-ish

Things I'm thinking about:

[1] In the pit while they rebuilt the floor on Sunday
[2] all new bathroom floor and “strapping” … whatever that really is.
[3] if you look closely you can see the pencil outline of the original floorpan where they drew out the walls <3
[4] just a pile of old drawings that we keep around. nobody wants to look at my dropbox files.
[5] the upstairs hallway! 
[6] hello new fireplace
[7] standing in the master closet looking across the master towards the bathroom
[8] it might be hard to see but there is a crescent moon riiiiight above the top of the house. 
[9] back of the house on Friday morning
[10] the house is off the foundation
[11] the guys framing in the dining room windows on Friday afternoon

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