Project Update: Week 5

Oh Week 5. You were a real gem. We had an ant infestation,  beams all the way until the house, and found a lucky penny. All winners - even the ants.

There wasn't a whole ton to describe this week because it could mainly be summarized as: (1) try to fix crooked stuff and (2) replace the bad stuff. Unfortunately, it was determined that much of the back wall falls under bad stuff.

The worst part about week 5 was that it really became impossible to see the house before work.... or after work. Ridiculous changing of the seasons. It's practically dark until just before 7 am ... and then again by 6pm. Which oddly enough is nearly my exact commute. The comfort is that it's not like on demo days when there is super visible change each day. I do still feel like I'm missing things ... which has prompted me to install a trail camera in the backyard so I can catch a few timelapse shots throughout the day.

The most exciting things that happened was framing really started to happen on the second floor. As soon as I walked up the stairs, it began to feel real. I could see the bedrooms coming back together... but honestly, the most mind-blowing part was the upstairs hall. Without the chimney taking up space, it felt so amazing and open. It was absolutely the right decision.

Things that happened:

  • beams all the way under the house
  • windows began to get framed out ... and some classy blue tarp to cover them
  • wood floor came up in the "master bathroom" since that will be tile. got stashed away to be used for patching across the house
  • framing the 2nd floor
  • took out the faux steps in the master closet to open up the ceiling above the stars (I know this is hard to follow)

Things I'm supposed to pick next week:

  • shingle color
  • roof color
  • some sort of shower faucet thing?

[1,2] beams under the house
[3] the antique closet still in tact! Pretty much used to store snacks at this point…
[4] the back of the house. the new bathroom floor is down and working on the support beams
[5] Back of the house. Standing in the small bedroom looking across the bathroom to the medium bedroom
[6] back of the house … where the ant infestation happened
[7] … who needs three cards and a lucky penny? This girl. This was under the faux step in the small bedroom. I kept the penny.
[8] side of the house
[9] front door… but I finally told Jim my new front door pick.
[10] the jenga stacks holding up the house
[11] so this looks really extra crooked
[12] do you think the neighbors love my dumpster? I think so.

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