Vintage doorknobs

One of the things that I'm pretty stuck on is not wanting a house that feels new. Thankfully, the bones of this house are 100+ years old. My hope is that even with all the "cosmetic surgery" we are doing, you'll still feel like the house is super old ... but not from poor insulation or unsafe electrical work. In all the work we've been doing in weeks 1-5 to get the house cleaned out and stable, we've stripped out pretty much anything that wasn't salvageable. Due to some renovations over the last 70 years, the house didn't have any of the original hardware.

I was in Portland recently visiting my best friend and she took me to Portland Architectural Salvage. Just imagine a 4-story warehouse filled with dusty treasures. Doors are organized by .... CENTURY. Mantles come complete with lead paint most likely. But - we rounded a corner and came face to face with so many beautiful old door knobs.

Both of us are in the middle of renovating pre-1930s beach houses and immediately fell in love with the idea of using vintage doorknobs to add a little more character. I have no idea how this will actually work (or if it would), but how amazing does it sound? There is so much unique, intricate detail in each of them. Pinterest is the opposite of helpful here. When you search for "how to use vintage doorknobs", they literally suggest stabbing them into a pumpkin, building a coatrack, or other decorative stuff. Most of which is not really my style.

So this might literally be a pipe dream, but I'm going to keep thinking about it a bit.

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