Stairs are my favorite thing

One of the best features of this house has been sticking around for over 100 years - the stairs. You can't build stairs like this. Well, you can - but it just would not be the same.

I've loved these stairs from the beginning. I love the two landings. I love the window at the first. I love that we are turning the bitty baby closet into some built-in shelves. They are just a home run. And while I don't plan on changing the stairs at all, they will be different by virtue of all the work happening around them.

  • updating the window on the first landing
  • increasing the headroom walking from the second landing to the first
  • transitioning the closet to shelves
When I was trolling Pinterest for some inspiration images, I found this textbook image about the actual parts of stairs. Every bit about how stairs are defined is staying the same. It's the elements around the stairs that will be changing.
So what's being added? Not totally sure yet. But, from my favorite inspiration shots it is evident that I have a few things that catch my attention: bead-board or shiplap on the wall, a dark railing, and ability to display photographs wether on a rail or in a gallery wall.
All inspiration and non-house images are in this Pinterest board.

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