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I'm meeting with a new potential kitchen designer in a few days. During our initial conversation, it was interesting to reflect on how far this new potential design is from the old one. A world of difference and I love it. This new kitchen placement just feels so much more natural to me.

As a point of reference here is the history of the kitchen placement:

  • 1910 - 1950s --> middle of the house, where the den with built-ins used to be 
  • 1950s - 2017 --> converted the back porch to the kitchen
  • Design  --> middle of the house on the back, very open concept
  • Current Design --> back to the corner of the house

Not only does the corner placement just feel better, but I also just love that it is back where it was for the last 50 years. Feels right. As a point of comparison, here are the two re-designs of this area of the house.
vvv Current Design vvv
vvv Old Design vvv
With the new design, I'm really excited about so many things but specifically,:

  • the giant windows
  • how the island fits in
  • the dining table being a part of the space
It'll be great to see a fresh new kitchen filled with natural light. Plus, I can re-enact all the old family photos more easily which is honestly an equally awesome win.
[1] check out that big window on the left. It’s like 5 feet wide - or so.
[2] Original kitchen
[3] Kitchen after demo
[4] my grandmother

[5] my mom and my aunt

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