Project Update: Week 7

Welcome to our week 7 recap!

I'm writing this a few days later since it's been a busy couple days - which makes it harder to actually remember what happened. But when I look back on the pictures, it has been a pretty crazy week. So much happened and with even more progress.

Every time I met with the contractor, he tells me something on the order of "don't worry this will get better". But I'm nearly always excited by the progress. It feels nuts to look back on the pictures from early September when there were wallpaper covered walls - or honestly even just walls. I know this project won't be done in a month - or even two, but it feels like it is really picking up speed. 

All the walls are pretty much in their place and we are beginning to think about plumbing. While the house is up in the air (e.g. on the jenga stacks), I think we'll soon begin to see more work happen on the exterior. All of that (e.g. window placement, roof changes, etc) needs to happen before we can put in the windows and shingle it. 

But the absolute highlight of the week was when the house mover people (Gordon House Moving) found an antique bottle! I was over taking pictures on Saturday morning and it was just perched on the steel beam. So amazing. It is my new favorite thing.

Things we talked about:
  • removing the separate wall in the upstairs hall bath // It made the space too crowded.
  • upstairs deck off small bedroom // some more structural challenges in making it happen due to the steel beam. But, told Jim that he can build nearly any deck that he wants as long as it fits two Adirondack chairs.

Things that happened:
  • went to the plumbing store to look at the shower valves // this was overwhelming. there are so many options. But I decided to just say that I'll find something from Kohler since that will make it much easier given they have a universal shower valve.
  • house moved all the way back! This happened over the course of probably two days but was nuts when it happened. 
  • First floor got framed out! You can see how the mudroom / bathroom / office is going to come together.

Things I've got on my list:
  • NEED to call the kitchen lady

Things that I'm thinking about:
  • is there a way that I can get a swing on the first floor? I love this swing in Chris Loves Julia's house

[top] antique bottle
[1] talking about the wall placement for downstairs bathroom … and whether we can fit in a pocket door. We can, and that’s great.
[2] only way to get into the house these days… a really tall ladder.
[3] this is what lifts the house. 
[4] the base of the original chimney. Love that it is actually filled with old stones.
[5] This is what the house actually slides on when it moves down the beams. They are called “skates” and were made in Germany in like the 1930s.
[6] downstairs office that is connected to the full bathroom via pocket door.
[7] view from the front door through to the back of the house
[8] view from the existing bay window (which will change) across the living area towards the office
[9] upstairs hall bathroom without the extra wall. So much better.
[10] front
[11] back
[12] North side of the house

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