Project Update: Week 8

How is it week 8? It feels like it should be both week 3 and week 12 all at once. 

This was a bit of a slower week with Thursday being a holiday. I haven't been able to really get back inside the house because all the ladders are actually inside the house and I don't want to fall into the pit jumping through a window. 

That hasn't stopped me from visiting the house. I often find myself just standing there staring at the side of it, looking at all the pieces of wood joining together. Sometimes I notice things that I have questions about - and then other times my trance is broken by a loud car rumbling by. 

I'm not sure if I've said this already but one of the best parts about this project is that it makes home ownership less intimidating to me. I'm not a person who is intimidated mystery or unknown but rather that inability to understand or solve for it. So, being able to see every nook and cranny of this house exposed makes it less intimidating in the future. I've see what is in all the walls (or lack there of) and what the underside of the house looks like. 

Things we talked about:
  • the back door is apparently "custom // I went with the same door design for the front and the back door but apparently the back door width is a special order that will take 6 weeks to show up. Since Winter is coming that is less than acceptable and we might need to find a substitute.  I have no idea what to do here.
  • met the guy from Cape Cod Lumber who delivers all the wood // Funny story here. I was talking with this guy as he was delivering wood and turns out he once picked up my aunt for date from this very house.
Things that happened:
  • house foundation got staked out
  • started to dig out the foundation // in person the pit doesn't look that dramatic but in pictures it seems huge and extensive
  • talked to the kitchen lady (aka Kathryn) // we made plans to visit the showroom next week and talk about the design.
  • learned how they measure doors // "2-8" is not a 28 inch door, but rather 2 feet 8 inches. Learn something new every week.
Things I've got on my list:
  • sending Kitchen notes and inspiration to kitchen designer
  • meet with Kitchen designer 
Things I'm thinking about:
  • with the house at the back of the lot, it'll be hard to take progress shots of the backside for awhile :-( 
[1] house mover truck
[2-3] foundation getting dug out
[4] first floor looks the same still
[5] just a big pit of sand in the front of the house
[6] standing under house and seeing all the different wood ages

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