I f*cking hate vanities

I love this house. I really do.

I am so excited for almost each and every corner of it. I love each wall. I love all the windows. I still love the front door. I very much love the tub.

But, just as much as I once hated shower valves and bathtubs. I now hate vanities. I loathe them. At one point, I was like "oh, let's make sure there is a spot to plug in a hair dryer!" And now I'm more like "let's just make sure the water doesn't end up on the floor and nobody drowns".

Here's what I've decided I care about:
  • under-mount or flush sink
  • the most minimal post exposed shelving if needed
  • shaker style detailing 
Here's what I'm not sure about:
  • I feel like I want a drawer, but do I? Like why can't we just use bins to contain our shit. I might even like that more. 
  • How much under sink storage is necessary?
  • On legs or flush to the floor?
  • Rectangular sink v oval?
In general I'm trying to go with a more pre-built option. Ideally, one that comes with a marble top.... but not necessarily sink faucet. Sometimes they sink faucets just look too..... cheap. I only need vanities for the hall bathroom and the master bathroom.
  • Hall Bathroom = 36 inch, single sink
  • Master Bathroom = up to 48, single sink; sink set on the left side of the vanity

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