Time to think about landscaping

We are getting closer and closer to putting down some roots at this house. Landscaping roots that is. I have a love hate relationship with landscaping. One of the reason's I moved from the city was to garden and more easily get my hands covered in dirt. That being said, I don't like things that are high maintenance. I like simple. I want to choose to invest in something, not be forced to do it.

So when it comes to the landscaping of this house, I'm following that philosophy. Here are some of the high-level goals:
  • simple, lower maintenance
  • greater privacy in the backyard
  • welcoming front yard
  • draw attention to the front door
With these goals in mind, I've been meeting with a handful of landscaping companies. And just like nearly every other phase of this project, I documented my vision in a multi-slide pdf handout. When I meet with people, I always tell them that they are the expect and I want their opinion. I might still go with my crazy hair-brained idea, but I'd like to know they think it's crazy .... and if they have another idea. It's been really great to hear ideas that come when you give people that freedom to express their perspective.

Front yard // Goal = welcoming
  • Hedge all along the front
  • White gate centered in front of the door
  • Pea stone pebble walkway
  • Slightly wider at the porch aligned with the steps
  • Adding in a low step to make the entry a bit easier
  • Small bed containing hydrangeas

Side yard // Goal = partial privacy
  • This is where all the "stuff" goes. By stuff I mean, AC units, generator, gas meter, electrical meter, bulkhead, etc. So- I don't really want to see it from the street. 
  • Planning to transition from hedge to fence at some point. Most likely at or about the corner of the house. I don't want to block the view from either of great windows along that side.

Back yard // Goal = Privacy
  • The goal is privacy - but still accessibility. I'm not interested in creating a jail, more of a green oasis.
  • Adding a small patio for the first couple of years with a walkway from the driveway. 
  • Adding a 10-12 ft gate in the corner of the lot. Would make for easier maintenance access to the side yard and for any gardening material drop offs.
Current state of affairs? I think we are really close to making a decision. I've met with 4 people at this point and the differences are pretty significant. To this point I've hired people that I like the way they think about things, and I'll probably go that way again. For a little bit of perspective, here is where we started last July.

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