week 34

It was a real light week at the house.

To the point where I almost thought about skipping this post and merging it with next week - but that would feel like cheating... and we've come so far. The biggest thing that happened this week was nearly finishing the first floor floors. I'm honestly not sure what's really happening they keep talking about number of coats but I do know that anything that is going to be a wood floor is now a wood floor.

Around mid-week there was this panicky moment about what color to stain the replacement wood floors. All of the old wood floors just got a couple coats of poly to bring out the natural color and while the new floors would never perfectly match the old, the stain color would help. If this was a different project, I would have gravitated towards a much different darker choice - but the goal here was that the floors match... not that I pick my favorite choice. Weird I know. After a lovely 7 am meeting with the stain guy Greg, we settled on "Ipswich". 

The other giant update was cleaning out the old garage. Yikes this was a crazy dirty job. I had been putting this off for a year - but it was time to rip off the dirty bandaid. See, we needed to do the landscaping, which meant we had to move the dumpster and before we moved the dumpster I wanted to fill it in the event they took it away all together. Thus, the garage cleaning. I had spent maybe an hour on this the prior week and when my dad volunteered to help I said it would probably be like 2 hours. Instead it was nearly five hours filled with heavy lifting, dumpster filling, and organizing. But, now we know where everything is... and we have 49 less old shutters filling the garage.

things that happened this week:
first floor was finished, sanded, and sealed (or something)
cleaned out the garage
sent an initial plumbing fixtures list to Snow & Jones
worked on the final appliance order including a washer/dryer

things that didn't happen this week:
tile hasn't started yet
landscaping hasn't started yet

nail down fence purchase
nail down kitchen countertop
move all the old bricks to the garage

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