Let's talk about doors

There is not a single thing in this entire house that I won't have thought about. Now? It's interior doors. I bet you just walk through doors and down hallways and never think about them. So did I. Now? I'm thinking about every single detail.

Throughout this entire project the goal has been to bring this house back to it's roots - and keep my own at the same time. Unfortunately, the doors left behind were ... nothing special. I'm sure special things did come out of the 70s but these doors were not them. So, we are doing all new doors. The minute Jim suggested a 5 panel door, I knew it was the concept. I might have even immediately said yes.

I searched at a lot of options on Pinterest while on a flight. There are a lot of options out there but here's where we settled.

End result? A 5-panel door with limited detailing.

Just like the doors, the trim will be everywhere. I was so thankful that I found this random picture on Pinterest. There are a million trim options. Jim the Contractor handed me a bound book with a million options. But - this image really encapsulated a couple styles that we could iterate from.

End result? Something like #4 but with smaller proportions. Jim has suggested 4 inch sides, 6 inch top cap.

Months back I had envisioned using all antique door knobs throughout the house. While that sounds like a great idea, I'm actually not going to do that. I'm quite confident that I can't emotionally handle the idea of finding all the door knobs. I'm also quite confident that Jim the Contractor would slay me if I dropped off a bunch of old door knobs.

It feels like when it comes to door knobs there are a couple paths:

  • knob or lever .... Answer = Knob
  • backplate or no backplate .... Answer = TBD

End result? I'm not sure - but as of today, I'm kind of trying to see if a porcelain door knob would be a good fit.

all images in this post can be found in this Pinterest board

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