week 25

I'm going to categorize week 25 as a hard week. I feel like I'm behind on.... everything. Everyone is waiting for me to respond to them. I've legitimately missed the first boat on the home security system (...almost not my fault). I'm wearing on the patience on several people I would imagine.

But - while this week was not the easiest. There was so much progress that happened. Progress that gives you the "oh shit, this is getting close" moments. On Sunday, the walls were just filled with insulation. On Tuesday, all the walls were covered with blueboard - or whatever they call this stuff. Then by Friday, the walls were getting plastered! All of a sudden, there are really rooms. Rooms where you see life happening. Bananas.

On Friday I pulled up to the house after work and caught a glimpse of the deck railing... and died a little. It is perfect. Contractor Jim is so talented. I stood on the back deck and embraced all of it. It's perfect from the color of the decking, to the shingles, to the railing. I'm in love.

things that happened:
all the shingles are up!
railing went on the back deck
blueboard went up all over
plastering (?) started
made plans to meet the alarm system guy
realized I didn't wire for a house landline
we turned on the water for the first time!
realized the screened porch plan is 2x the cost we expected (sad!)
actually talked to the house alarm guy
lots of talk with the bank

things that half happened:
good amount of back and forth with the kitchen designer - but I owe some responses for sure
found a Lowe's bathroom vanity that could work for the Hall bathroom

next week:
figure out wiring for landline
we switch over to permanent power!

things I REALLY need to nail down:
master bathroom design
shower doors

[1] master bedroom looking towards the bathroom
[2] medium bedroom
[3] back deck off small bedroom
[4] back deck detail
[5] view from the landing
[6] downstairs open space
[7] view from the kitchen towards the front room
[8] front elevation
[9] back elevation…. with that perfect deck

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