week 23

The week started off a bit slow…. because we still didn’t have electricity from the last nor’easter. In the event there was any doubt about the need for a generator, that is gone. And just like all the other weeks, I’ll say the same thing. This is really coming together and feeling real.

On Friday, the insulation team was spraying in the foam insulation. All of a sudden…. there was this structure and shape to the house that I hadn’t seen before. It was a really surreal feeling. The best moment of the week was when I was standing in the bathroom with Jim determining the bathtub placement. We propped up the box to make the wall, looked at it from different angles, shifted it around. But - I couldn’t quite tell if it was right. So I hopped into the dusty, plastic lined tub and gave it a whirl. It felt perfect. But the best part? Jim examining how far my top knot bun would be from the wall. Real team effort.

what happened this week
picked out a tub faucet
confirmed bathtub placement
front porch decking went down
porch ceiling came down … and then started to go back up again
the insulation phase kicked off
more trim work on the upstairs decks
talked about front screened porch design

what didn’t happen this week
I called the house alarm guy twice, but we didn’t connect
I never emailed the nice kitchen lady back about the design

things that I thought about
front porch entry

things that I need to decide on
interior doors
interior trim
interior door hardware color
screened porch design

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