Week 24

This week felt like a light one. I'm sure the crew might feel differently - but that's how it seems when you initially look at the house. I was out of town for a few days as well but when I came back... the first thing I saw was the front porch trim. It looks amazing.

One of the most stately parts of the old house to me was the heavy trim on the front porch. It felt so solid and present. We had to add a bit of a beam to the front porch so there would be a place for the wall to go. We needed a wall because... you can't have a 3 sided screen porch. But the beam appears to seamlessly blend in. It looks like it has been there for 100 years. I love it.

I had never discussed with Jim what the trim would be like on the front porch. In part because I just trust him to make the right decision. He takes my design thoughts, slightly tweaks them, and then does it. I told him that it was important that there was a screen porch. He makes it happen.

what happened
emailed nice Kitchen lady
emailed gas guy with generator size
front screen porch wall got framed out
front porch trim
shingles added to the upper deck
some electrical lighting here and there

what didn't happen
haven't talked to alarm system guy

things I thought about
how I don't know what the master bathroom will look like

things I decided on
interior doors
interior door trim
front screen porch design

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