what about the wainscoting?

First of all this is a funny word.

Second of all, Jim the contractor asked me to decide where any / all paneling was going throughout the house. Initially this might seem like an overwhelming question but it actually was perhaps one of the easiest to date.

I looked back at some of the original interior shots to see where we had it before. The answer? Pretty much everywhere. If it was a room that wasn't a bedroom? Wainscoting. Or Bead board. Or Board and Batten. Whatever you want to call it.  I'll be keeping almost true to that original design.

First question = where is it going
Second question = what will it be

Question 1: Where
I've broken my thoughts out into 3 different zones: "95% yes", "75% yes", and "depending on the budget". Cute how that last category is named right? The clear winners to me the upstairs hallway and the hall bathroom. The other zones are a little TBD. Here's the breakdown:

  • upstairs hall = absolutely. Will add character.
  • upstairs bath = absolutely.
  • mudroom = 75%. Concerned that it could make the space look even smaller? But I feel like it would be okay. Would go with a taller/higher (whatever) wainscot
  • stairs to the 2nd floor = 75%. I feel like it would be a nice tie into the 2nd floor. I also know that I could never do this myself.
  • front room = 50%. I like the idea of doing this room - but I think it gets cut for budget reasons. Also, it's a pretty square room so it wouldn't be impossible it do it later on.

Rooms not getting it / maybe why:
  • downstairs bathroom = will be half wall of subway tile
  • upstairs bedrooms = not needed
  • master bath = I'm at a loss for this room in general, but I don't think so
  • downstairs living room / kitchen area = going to rely on ceiling detailing
  • office = ultimately would rather do something like this 

Question 2: What will it be
When Jim and I first started talking about this, I said "bead board in the hall bathroom". Jim cautioned me to that because apparently the materials don't really lend themselves well to that environment. They tend to swell up and shrink down... and the humidity of the bathroom could be unnecessarily stressful. Fair point.

I did some Pinterest-ing and found a general style that I'd love throughout the whole house. I'd generally describe it as "the shaker cabinet version of wainscoting". Not a super ornate vertical piece, more rectangular than square opening, and a more simple top moulding.
all images shown can be found on this pinterest board

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