what my bathroom design means

Candidly I'm having a hard time designing the master bathroom.

I literally have no vision for it. I know what the first floor bathroom looks like. I know what the hall bathroom looks like. I have no idea about the master bathroom. I love my tub. I like the windows. I have zero vision for everything else.

So, when I saw a dumb Buzzfeed article about bathroom design - I took it. I also was looking forward to when the internet thought I might have children in this mythical bathroom. I just assumed they were going to tell me "Age 25" - but, apparently my bathroom design instinct mean I'm never having children.

I died a little bit with laughter - and then also with a bit of shock. Like, are my design tastes that indicative of people who don't have children? For what it's worth, I feel like Pinterest hasn't led me to believe I'm not having kids based on my tile choices.
So here's to never taking Buzzfeed questionaires ever again - and to figuring out what this master bath will actually look like. 

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