week 22

It feels oddly poetic that the week we talk about generators…. is the week that we get hammered by a nor’easter. We are currently on day 3 without power. I’m not exactly writing this by candle light, my parents have a generator so that’s a win.

I made a few trips over to check out the old lady during lull in the storm. She did great! Everything looks good on the outside, no obvious roof leaks, windows and doors look good. The only hiccup? The basement did get a bit wet. Given the historic storm and rain totals, it is pretty incredible that there was only a small amount of water. The water table is through the roof. Not the literal roof, but rather the figurative roof.

The best part of this week was that the master bathtub arrived. The worst part of this week was realizing that we needed to pick a faucet for the tub... and that there was really only 3 options. And all the options were expensive. How expensive? More than 50% the cost of the tub. How is that even possible?

what happened this week:
  • tubs got delivered
  • checked bathtub placement
  • met with the Electrician again about outlets and exterior lighting. We added some low accent lighting on the 2nd floor decks and double outlets next to all the beds.
  • team started cleaning out the house to prep for insulation
  • moved the furnace vent out of the way of the shutters
  • got an estimate on all the wood floor work that needs to happen
what didn’t happen this week:
  • I never emailed the nice kitchen lady back
  • I never called the house alarm guy
  • I didn't finalize the tub faucet decision
things that I thought about:
  • moving the front porch entry to be straight on
  • what the screened in porch should look like 

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