TV in the bedroom?

We are knee deep in the electrical phase right now .... and as part of that figuring out where everything might go. One of those "might" items? TVs.

My parents are of the mindset that you should just wire for them all the time because you might need them. I am of the mindset that I only want one tv in my house. I want the family to all have to watch the same tv and fight it out when someone wants to watch CSI and I want watch re-runs of "Will & Grace".

That being said, I did some thinking about my aversion to TVs and the second issue that I also don't want to see them. I don't want to walk into a room and it be the first thing that I see. So after a walkthrough with the electrician I gave in and decided to wire for TVs in all the bedrooms. Whether they actually get used or not, who knows? But this way, we'll at least be setup for the off chance I let my imaginary, fake children have TVs.

Small Bedroom
You won't be able to see the tv when you walk in the room. This is a pretty small bedroom too.
Medium Bedroom
Similar to small bedroom, you also won't be able to see this tv when you walk in the room. Additionally, it'll be hidden even more by the tiny little bump out along that same wall. It's hard to see in this picture but trust me.

Master Bedroom
This one was a little harder. The bed needs to face the amazing windows and I didn't want to see the tv when I walked into the room. But - I also didn't want it on one of the side walls because then one side of the bed would be able to see it much more easily than the other.

I decided to tuck it in along the window nook. This way it can be on an extendable arm that could be pulled out... or tucked back in.

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