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Oh the kitchen. I had no idea that this was the most expensive room in the whole house. Thankfully I enjoy cooking because man alive, this would be painful if you don't.

The interesting thing about this whole process to me is that I don't 100% know where everything is going or how it will all look together. I think earlier in this whole process, I needed to know everything. Now? There are so many decisions to be made that I operate under the principle that I'm only working with people that I trust their decision making. Because of that I am not as worried about which cabinet is in which spot. I appreciate the way the kitchen designer thinks and her thought process, she knows what I don't like - so, I trust that she is putting things in the right places.

If I had an unlimited amount of free time, I might have a different approach to this whole parade... but I don't. So here is where we are to date. The only item still up in the air for the kitchen is the countertops. I know big item right? But, I'm not that picky (I think). I'm just looking for something in the gray/white family.

  • After some back and forth, the kitchen is back exactly where it was pre-construction. And I love that. I like a corner kitchen, it feels contained. 
  • As part of the layout, we have two walls of cabinets/appliances and an island.

  • I am going with a traditional shaker cabinet look. 
  • I can't handle the pressure of matching dishes so I opt out of glass doors and open shelves.
  • There aren't a lot of cabinets here - even though it might seem like it. Ideally, we might be able to get like one or two more places that plates could go.
  • Instead of having a bigger kitchen, I opted for smarter storage. I can't remember all the different cabinets but for example, we are going with a two layer silverware drawer. It's precious.
  • I took inspiration from my friend Rachael's house and put cabinets on both sides of the island. I consider them like bonus hidden storage. Yes, there is a good chance my imaginary child will kick them a bit... but they'll probably kick a lot of things.


  • So, this is tbd. 
  • I'm sure for some people it would be anxiety inducing that I'm making these decisions separately but I'm most comfortable this way.
There will be two pendant lights above the island. I'm going back and forth between two options - but leaning towards the smaller light. Given the proximity to the bookcase/pole situation, I don't want the lighting to fight with that.

Kichler, everly pendant ($199)
Height: 20"
Width/Dia.: 13.75"

Kichler, avery pendant ($126)
Height: 9.5"
Width: 9.75"
Canopy Diameter: 5"

  • I originally decided this like a long while back - but as recently as two weeks ago made a change.
  • I'm not a big fan of ice makers so I opted to go with a simpler refrigerator. Instead, I'll add a hot/cold water dispenser on the sink. I feel good about this.
  • The stove has never changed. 48 inch range or bust.

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