plumbing fixtures are a pain

Update: I still hate plumbing fixtures.

To this point, we've done made a lot of decisions but really just for the showers and bathtub situations and that leaves all the sinks faucets. I'm a little unclear why I can never find exactly what I want especially given the plethora of options out there generally.

Kitchen Faucet
I have no idea why they call this style faucet "semi-professional" but whatever. I like this style because it's compact and theoretically has clean lines. I like it creates only one hole in the counter and that the sprayer is incorporated in the overall unit. There are models where the sprayer is more of a pull-out style but I always feel like they don't pull out super smoothly.

The only two options I'm considering right now are from American Standard and Kohler. There are actually a lot of options available that are really cheap .... but you get what you pay for and there is a reason why that faucet is only $200. I wish these two faucets would combine and have a baby. I like the overall design of the Kohler but the top hose part of the American Standard.
Bathroom Faucets
Obviously all the bathrooms have a very different vibe - but they all actually have the same shower units, the Kohler Bancroft line. Unfortunately, I don't really like the Kohler Bancroft sink faucet. It just seems so chunky. After a whole lot of internet-ing, I have pulled together the only options that I'm really considering but I don't really love them. What do I love? The Pottery Barn faucet. That being said, I can't buy faucets from Pottery Barn. If something breaks on them, there is no real brand to get replacement parts from.
I have a little more time to make the bathroom faucet decisions but the kitchen stuff needs to be quick - of course. Apparently, you need to have the sink and faucet when the cabinets come so they can make the template for the counter top appropriately. If I've learned one thing during this project it's that one decision is never just about one thing.... it's about the previous 43 you were supposed to make before that. 

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