week 33

And welcome to the week where I actually crossed items off my list. I literally went to 9 stores today of which 2 were for food and 5 were for the house. There is a day in the not so distant future when I'll spend my weekends going to yoga and not harassing lighting store people for better pricing.

I like to think that I'm not the worst person to work with. I'm very friendly. I'm on my game like 85% of the time. I remember that your kid had soccer or that your mom is sick. But - yes, I will ask you for better pricing. You don't have to give it to me, but I'm going to ask about it because this is real life. A perfect example of this would be the lighting.

Here's a little timeline:

  • went to the store on Saturday to pick out features
  • sent them my requested order on Sunday night
  • got a quote with 25% off on Tuesday
  • on Wednesday I called to ask about another light and to see if that was the "best pricing". Answer = yes. I asked what if I pick up the product myself, what if I pay cash. Nope, still nothing.
  • on Friday, I get a coupon in the mail! So fortuitous. So I call and ask them to add it to the quote. They say no. So I say, that's fine. Just take that item off the quote and I'll buy it separately. Lots of huffing and puffing. (Related, this would have saved me like $28 - so it's worth it) I say that I'll call back the next day. 
  • About 10 minutes after we hung up I got an email offering me a "flash sale" with an additional 10% off everything. Coincidence? probably not, I think they are just tired of talking to me.

So yeah, the moral of this story is that I'm not learning my lesson about pestering people for better pricing. The other momentous event? I picked up nearly 3 bathrooms worth of tile like a crazy person. They told me I could save an extra 10% if I picked it up myself ... and I was like "challenge accepted". In other related news, tile is insanely heavy. It took us two trips to the tile store but according to them a lot of people are crazy enough to do this and I'm not alone.

I had to make a bonus trip to the tile store as well because the master bath tile was backordered. For those keeping track this was actually the 9th trip the tile store and the 3rd one this week. I was pretty cocky when I said I was never going back to the tile store a month ago because now I can see at least 2 more trips in my future. At a minimum I need to return the sample I took yesterday and then pick up this last order.

I am hoping that in the next week the lawn work actually starts. But before that happens, I need to have the dumpster moved... and before that happens I want to finish cleaning out the garage. So in the event you are wondering what I'm doing tomorrow... it's cleaning out the garage.

what happened this week:
I'm honestly not sure anything happened at the house
started cleaning out the garage
met the screened-in porch guy
hired a landscaper
bought the lighting
went to the appliance store to look at washer/dryers
went to the cabinet store to look at counter tops
went to the fence store
picked up the first round of tile for the bathrooms
made a 3rd trip to the tile store for the master bathroom

what didn't happen:
is it possible that I accomplished all my goals for once?

what needs to happen asap:
buy kitchen sink
pick out bathroom faucets
pick out kitchen faucet
buy the fence for the sideyard

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