week 31

Lots happening this week. Every day we are getting a bit closer to the end of the construction phase... and closer to the actual "live in house" phase. Lofty goal right?

There was a whole lot of action in a bunch of areas. Like I finally bought the vanities and I finally bought the kitchen cabinets. The wood flooring also started up. The original wood floors stayed put for much of the construction. We did pull up the flooring in a few places (new master bathroom + old dining room) and stored it in the garage over the winter. The plans has been to use the existing flooring to patch all the spots on the 2nd floor ... and in other places. It's really exciting.

I'm not exactly sure how long it will be before this whole thing is done. Although there are no more gaping holes in the wall or crumbling foundations, the lead time on the remaining items can be lengthy. It apparently takes 5-7 weeks for the kitchen cabinets to show up. I was not expecting that. For what it's worth, the fence company also told me it takes 6 weeks. It's like the new standard answer.

what happened this week
wood flooring started
2nd floor is all patched
1st floor started
Contractor Jim fixed up an old beam... and now it's the two mantles
Contractor Jim built the custom bookcase for the kitchen
moved on to thinking about lighting
talked to landscapers
scheduled the delivery of both bathroom vanities
bought kitchen cabinets
gutters installed

Next week?
Make progress, finalize lighting
kitchen counters
lighting choices

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