Lighting Hit List

I am thankful that I haven't really thought about lighting until this point. The amazing and terrible thing about lighting is that there are SO MANY options. And even beyond that, there are a plethora of legitimate websites that sell lighting - unlike the bathtub research.

When I approached the lighting list, the first thing I did was make a list of all the places that I needed to figure out lighting. This act helped the whole process much more approachable. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by picking lights for a whole house, it was much easier. For example, I wasn't searching for "kitchen lights" I was searching for "kitchen pendant lights". That may not seem like a big difference but trust me it is.

So here's the list of all the lights. Right off the bat I farmed out the exterior non-decorative lights to my dad. He loves a good spotlight and I could really give a hoot. He just needs to pick them and get them approved by my mom. I'm not even giving myself a vote.
* Kitchen island pendant (2)
* Fireplace art light (1)
* Hallway Stairwell (1)
* Bathrooms:
   Bathroom - downstairs
   Bathroom - hall
   Bathroom - master
* Exterior:
   Onion light (3) - back door, top decks
   Motion light (2)
   Spot light (1)
   Down lighting (3?)
* Ceiling Fan
   52 inch (2)
   54 inch (2)

In this space, I'm looking for two pendant lights to go above the island. Because this space isn't huge, I want something either white or clear so as to not take up a lot of visual space. Additionally, because of my beautiful post/bookcase situation the lights can't be physically big either. I've narrowed it down to these two options and am planning on going with the Kichler Everly.
Kichler Everly, Kichler Avery
This was pretty easy. I knew I wanted an "onion light" but apparently didn't know that was the actual name. Comical. There is a quality spectrum here and it starts at Lowes and then ends with Norwell Lighting. I wasn't totally convinced I needed to "splurge" on the Norwell Lighting but their durability sold me. I live a block from the beach and in the Northeast - not any old light will suffice. I'd rather not end up replacing a rusting pice of crap in 18 months.

There are a couple of different sizes and shapes - but I'll go with a larger onion lantern by the back door and smaller ones at the porch doors. And of course I'd like the color that needs to be special ordered... at least there isn't an extra charge for that.
Norwell Classic Onion Light (in Medium, in Large)

For a light that is so much out of eyesight, this fixture really matters a lot. It's another place in the house that is really calling out the style - but in a more affordable way than something permanent. I'm okay being a little "trendier" or "riskier" with this fixture because it can be swapped out. I can't swap out a whole bathroom worth of tile.

When I was looking for inspiration, I knew that I wanted something simple and without a whole bunch of lightbulbs in it. More glass, and less intricate design. For a hot second I thought about going with something that was more wooden and driftwood inspired. In the end, I think the light I'm going with is pretty different from all the other light fixtures in the house but yet it still feels right.

It's hard to lump all of these bathrooms in one fell swoop but I'm not made of time.
First Floor // over the mirror vanity, small profile
Second Floor // hoping for sconces but decent chance of space restrictions
Master Bathroom
So I've never done a mood board post for this bathroom, I'd do that but it still feels pretty gray to me. I have a mental vision for nearly all the other rooms in the house except this one. And as a late breaking update, I just learned that the tile is backordered for a month, so they'd like me to pick a new option. Cool. Either way, in this bathroom I'm absolutely going for two vanity sconces.

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