week 32

At this point each week is more about a burst of progress in one area. The house is so far along that it's kind of hard for multiple people to be doing their work all at once. Like the tile guy can't really do his tile stuff because the wood floor guy is doing his stuff. Theoretically they could, but it just wouldn't be as efficient.

So this week was really all about the wood floors.

Outside of this, my to-do list was pretty much outdoors related. I really need to nail down the landscaping asap. Like a few other areas of this project, I'm glad that I haven't rushed into any decisions. The downside of not *initially* rushing is that there are ultimate deadlines for these things... and then I end up kind of hurrying to nail down the details before that deadline.

In this case the landscaping has a rapidly approaching deadline called nature. Apparently you just aren't supposed to plant anything in the month of June. So, I'm really coming close to the deadline... and it's making me a bit anxious. The other side of landscaping is me overthinking how much of this could I have actually done myself. But I'm not confident that the incremental gains from me planting the hydrangeas are actually worth it. So we'll see.

Oh - and apparently I can save 10% on my tile if I pick it up myself. To which, I'm like is that a challenge.... cause I accept. I do hope it goes better than when my friend Meghan picked up her own hardwood floors in the middle of a snowstorm in Maine. Anyway, on to the next.

Things that happened this week
2nd floor sanded
closets patched
1st floor complete
bought a custom grate
shower floor pans started
met with fence company
met with landscaper
went to lighting store

next week:
think about faucets
hopefully have totally nailed down landscaping

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