bath fixtures will be the death of me


After a month of looking at dumb plumbing fixtures ... and feeling like I was "done" making decisions, I'm not. Or am I? WHO KNOWS ANYMORE. I had started months ago by just saying "do the whole house in Kohler Bancroft!" please and thank you. Then, I had a poor experience with a sales person and re-evaluated my whole experience.

So the past three weeks, I've been going to a new plumbing store and casually moving pictures around Pinterest and Powerpoint presentations (I'm old school). The pressure felt like it was gone. I liked my new brand. I wasn't 100% but I felt good. Also, for note - I consciously put the freestanding tub problem on the back burner. I quite literally said to my mom this weekend "oh that is the last thing that I'm thinking about." I also repeated the same thing to my friend Martha just yesterday. Well, karma came for me today.

On my way home from work I casually called the plumber back. We had been playing phone tag for a week. He broke the great news to me that he might be done with this phase on plumbing next week. The bad news? I actually have to lock down all the decisions that I have been casually putting off.

And more specifically, the free-standing tub is at the top of his list.

Here is my game plan:

  • switch back to Kohler brand for all the showers. They use a universal shower valve (I've memorized the part number) so it enables me to make this decision .... and then potentially unmake it in a week if I find something else that I love from Kohler. Win?
  • Get a crowd vote on the sink faucets?
  • Collapse in a sea of inspiration images of bath tubs by the weekend.
But seriously, the bathtub is the worst. 

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