Introducing: Bathroom #2

Just like many areas of this house, the hall bathroom has undergone several transformations to get where we are. And when you look at the floor plan changes.... you might just chuckle to yourself at the end result. Why? Because it's going to be exactly the same as it was for the first 70+ years of the house's life. Nothing is changing. To help understand why this is the case, I'll break down some of the thoughts for this room.

  • this is the "family" bathroom. It's located on the 2nd floor with the access from the hallway.
  • primary users? anybody but me :). I'll have access to the master bedroom. Ideally it is for whoever is sleeping in the upstairs 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. 
  • utility is for regular daily activities (e.g. bathing / teeth brushing / etc). Nothing special like the downstairs bathroom.
Other considerations:
  • I'm always a fan of putting in bath tubs but especially in this case. I don't know any other way to clean kids besides putting them in a bath. Hosing them off in the backyard isn't known to be popular.
  • vanity should have some functional storage. Perhaps a couple drawers so that each person could have their own drawer?
  • There is a hall linen closet right outside the bathroom so there is no need to worry about extra linen storage.
  • Draft 1 = created a separate room for the toilet and was part of a larger reconfiguration of the 2nd floor
  • Draft 2 = kept the original footprint (mostly) but created a separate toilet room again
  • Draft 3 = we cut the separate toilet room because it felt too claustrophobic
  • Final = Everything is back to where it was when we started. This happened a bit by accident but I'm totally fine with it. 
The end result is really a bit by accident. The plumber put the sink plumbing in where the original was ... and it seemingly solved all the predicaments. I was wondering what to do with this extra space behind the tub. Now, I love that there is a real clear line of sight through the door.

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