I'm getting closer...

... to picking a tub.

After this week's moderate panic, I found some degree of clarity around what I'm potentially looking for. Unfortunately, it is probably not what my plumber wants - but he also said he doesn't care as long as I'm happy.

To help share some of the crazy that has been inside my head / Pinterest boards / Instagram scouring, I've looked at the following brands:
- Victoria + Albert
- Kohler
- American Standard
- Maax

But honestly, it really feels like I've looked at the entire internet of brands. The problem has been that I haven't even found anything that I liked. It wasn't that I found a tub that I love but it was too expensive. I just fundamentally hadn't found a single thing that made my heart skip a beat. I found tubs that I liked to "sit in" but not "look at" ... and unfortunately you really need both. Especially given the master bathroom configuration.

So what did I do? Well really similar to the front door problem, I pulled pretty much every free-standing tub option into a Powerpoint and then put "x"s over the ones that were no-go. It felt like a sea of x's - which is helpful in its own way. But it wasn't until this week that I really saw what was left behind - clawfoot tubs.

So, the point now is to essentially find the right clawfoot tub. Oddly enough it doesn't seem like there are a million people who make clawfoot tubs. Out of all the main manufacturers that I've looked at it, it seems like just Victoria + Albert have options. Kohler does appear to have one option.

After determining the rough shape of the tub as clawfoot, there are two following aspects that become important:
(1) where can the faucet go // I'd like to be able to have it in the center of the tub, so that I could sit facing either way. I'm not sure whether I'd rather face the shower when I'm in the tub... or the wall/window. Being able to put the plumbing in the center feels like the best option for me.
(2) the tub feet // Some of the feet are so ornate and Victorian. I just do not understand why this isn't a more customizable feature. Honestly, the feet are the reason why it has taken me so long to accept that I would like a clawfoot tub. I just kept getting hung up on how ornate some options could be. 
All this means is that I'm down to three tubs - which feels like some really great progress. Next steps? I'm going to get some pricing for each of these options. Saving a couple shekels might make me care less about the silly tub feet.

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