week 19

It feels like we are on a roll of super productive weeks. After those incredibly cold weeks in December and early January, things are happening... every.... day. Even on Saturdays. I'm telling myself it's because I'm such a joy to work with that people want to spend their Saturdays with me. The more realistic option is that the house renovation market is bursting and everyone wants their HVAC installed.

That being said, I do hope that I'm a joy to work with. I think there is only one person right now who finds me challenging and honestly, I'll take those numbers. I fundamentally enjoy all the people working on the house now. They are patient with my questions and very welcoming. I never feel like I'm in the way. I equally love the moments when I'm wandering around the house alone at sunrise... and when I'm there in the middle of the day with country music playing and nail guns in the background. Music to my ears.

On Sunday, I took a couple friends through the house and it was a pretty great feeling. I was standing in what would be the living room talking about rug sizes with my sister when my friend Rachael walked in the front door. It felt like real life with a friend walking in the front door - and less like a friend swinging by your muddy, dusty, disaster of a construction site.

All the good vibes. But here's the recap of the week:

Things that happened this week:
  • fireplace installed
  • rough plumbing has kicked off and there is PVC everywhere
  • pocket doors are installed in the downstairs office and the mudroom coat closet
  • framed out the opening in the first floor
  • shingles on the north side are complete
  • framed out the first floor porch floor
  • started HVAC install
Other stuff:
  • didn't meet with the gas guy // he was 30 minutes late to our 7 am .... so I left. 
  • kitchen design woman came by for some additional measurements now that the windows are in
  • I went to the kitchen place to look at cabinet colors
  • I didn't go to a plumbing store... but wish I had.
Decisions to make asap:
  • Really need to make the tub decisions apparently. I've narrowed it down to 3 free-standing tubs that we are getting pricing on for the master bath. Still researching for the Hall bath.
  • Do I want to add a rain shower head for the master shower? It's an incremental cost at this point given the way the plumbing is being set up...

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