Bathroom #1

Of the three bathrooms in the house, the downstairs bathroom is the one I can most clearly visualize coming together. Awhile back I wrote up some background on the space, but now it is time to introduce some of what is swirling around in my head.

As previously stated, this bathroom is more than just a bathroom. It connects to the mudroom and the office. So - yes it is pretty important. It's the bathroom that will see the most amount of use. It needs to be pretty but also durable. While the shower part of it might not be the most used, when it is used it will be for atypical situations like after the beach (e.g. sand), guests staying the week, or bathing the dog that I don't have.
Here's a rough breakdown of the different bathroom elements and the idea behind the decisions. While I feel pretty comfortable with the vision, the actual products are still a bit TBD. We recently locked down on the shower fixtures but nothing else has actually been purchased... What's left on the list to find? The mirror, the final sink, the actual tiles.... and a treasure chest full of money.

haven't picked the exact products here yet. Going with a pedestal sink to conserve space. Don't need to worry about storage because of the linen closet that was added.
Products: pedestal sink / toilet (obvi) / mirror

Keeping a consistent flooring with the mudroom / back entry to make the space feel a bit bigger. Plus, the slate look is in line with the overall design aesthetic of the house. I'd like to include marble door thresholds wherever possible in the house. I love the look but also feel like it eases the transition.
Products: 12x24 porcelain tile that looks like slate / marble transom

In general I love the look (and durability) of a half bead board wall, but in the bathroom going to do substitute the wood with a subway tile. This could be a potentially wet bathroom between dogs / kids / beach visits, so I like the idea of just not worrying about the wood.
Products: 4x8 white subway tile

Because of the potential high utility of this shower, the plan is to put the hand spray unit on a sliding bar. Theoretically this might make it easier to shower small children or dogs - but who really knows. The shower floor will coordinate with the overall slate floor but be a 2 inch hexagon tile. The walls are going to be the same white subway tile as is outside the shower. To help create the allusion of greater space, we'll splurge on a glass shower door (versus curtain).
Products: 4x8 white subway tile (wall) / 2 inch hexagon tile (floor) / glass shower door

I'm not sure why plumbing fixtures are SO expensive but they are. I've learned that it is okay to mix and match different brands so I'm doing that.
Products: shower head + hand spray unit (Kohler - Bancroft) / TBD Sink

There will be a can light or two in the ceiling along with the shower fan, but adding an additional light over the pedestal sink mirror. Due to space restrictions we'll have to go with a light over the mirror as opposed to sconces on either side. This space is only 24 inches.
Products: 3-light vanity light

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