week 21

It feels redundant to say that "lots of things happened" at the house. That is pretty obvious at this point. Every day there is something different - but the thing is, the decisions are becoming real and permanent. It's pretty wild - and also a bit stressful.

Sure, getting another electrical outlet added in 6 months would not be the end of the world - but some things feel like bigger deals. Like the back steps. What the kitchen island should look like. Whether the hand spray unit goes on the right or the left.

But then there are really easy decisions, like what color to make the porch ceiling. The original plan was to try and save the old ceiling. I liked how wide the planks were - but I also liked saving $$$. Well, Jim called me one morning and said the ceiling couldn't be saved. The downside is obviously $$$ but the upsides are pretty great. One? It'll be new and healthy wood. Two? It will enable me to insulate the porch ceiling better - and therefore less drafts in my bedroom.

Unfortunately for everyone else in my life, I realized you can draw on pictures and text them. I've already done this to help illustrate where the bedroom tvs are going - and to ask Jim the contractor what this unattractive black box was on the side of the house.
Things that happened this week:
  • decking arrived!
  • two decks got decking
  • learned porch ceiling can't be saved
  • electrical wires everywhere
  • met with the Electrician
  • figured out where the bedroom tv plugs will go

Things I did do:

  • googled "granite back steps" and liked what I saw ... but that's as far as I got on figuring out the back entry

Things I didn't do:

  • make more progress on the kitchen design. at this point deserves it's own post... but I'm obviously thinking about everything 17 times over.
  • generator specs / gas company needs this to finish paperwork
  • finalize the kitchen design
  • bathroom shower glass doors

[1] the decking arrived!
[2] master shower. see the hand spray unit is on the left, I think I would like it on the right.
[3] back of the house - see the deck “railing” got started
[4] wires are everywhere
[5] someones to-do list
[6] view from the front deck
[7] I love this door and window situation. Originally the design had french doors, but I don’t like how they close…. I love this.
[8] view from the back deck
[9] master bedroom windows
[10] one of my favorite spots in the whole house. I love this little stair landing… and seeing that big ole window on the far wall.
[11] exterior faucets are in
[12] I had a personal picnic on the deck with my favorite sandwich
[13] I found a dinosaur in the yard… this could be anywhere from 60 years old to 5. No idea.
[14] Bye bye porch ceiling.
[15] Front elevation of the house. 

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