Week 18

When I was looking back on the pictures from this week, it was hard to believe all of this happened in just 5 days. It was exciting when the house landed on its foundation last week, but man - the progress just keeps happening. Each day was something new.

In one day alone, we added all the windows on the first floor, a front door, and poured the cellar foundation. By the end of the week, nearly one side was shingled and we were only missing 3 doors. All of the wonderful windows were in place - including the big ole kitchen window.
Nearly every day I'm thankful for Jim the contractor. A perfect example of this was the discussion we had around attic vents. I'm just used to seeing them on all the houses I look at. He quickly explained why they weren't necessary (older technology) but then took it to another level. He recognized that what I was also asking about was something that I was used to seeing in that space ... and perhaps now we might be "missing" something even if we didn't need it. End result? Jim is going to add some decorative trim towards the top of the house to break up some of the shingles. There is a small chance that we might add in a small window as well. He might have two extras bouncing around in his barn that would be perfect. Excellent problem solving.

House stuff that happened this week:
cellar access got framed out
bulkhead was installed
foundation was complete!
lot was leveled out and filled it around the foundation
some white pipe showed up - maybe for the septic system
all the first floor windows were installed
added a ledge to the kitchen window
installed the front door!

Decision stuff:
decided on the decking

actually emailed the very nice kitchen lady
went back to the same plumbing store for the 3rd week in a row
played phone tag with the gas guy

Next week:
meet with the plumber
hopefully meet with the kitchen lady
hopefully meet with the gas guy
think about the back entry - do I want to do granite steps?

[1] Exterior of the house
[2] The basement stairs got framed out
[3] All the master bedroom windows are in!
[4] Front elevation of the house .... no roof shingles yet.
[5] A pile of shingles
[6] South side of the house getting shingled on Friday morning 
[7] Front porch doors have been installed
[8] Dining table windows and kitchen window
[9] Ceiling in the kitchen. You can see the incredibly old shingles from the pre-1950s renovation
[10] Front door has been installed
[11] Apparently the crew likes Hershey Kisses...
[12] "Medium" bedroom
[13] "Small" bedroom ... only missing the porch door
[14] Front of the house on Saturday morning
[15] Back of the house on Saturday

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